Writing this blog in a beautiful and historic spot.

Welcome to my blog!

BrownPot is inclined to the arts and humanities. Its main interest is the fusion of the different genres in popular culture with the traditional arts through its featured contents and collaborations.

BrownPot is here to entertain and make friends out of readers. It is a reminder for one to play, create, and express spirit while expanding the universe within. BrownPot is a warm, cozy cauldron wherein dreams are stirred, where hope flourishes and where care is poured. Just like how it is with picking the right-flavored coffee beans or tea leaf prepared for another.

BrownPot was born in the Philippines where “Hello” is said with “Have you eaten?” It is a place where people smile a lot. And it is here where love for tea and coffee is made and often brewed over endless stories of adventures.

Whether from the highland or the lowland towns, coffee is best taken in the company of others. And so, I lay the pot and raise my cup to you who joins BrownPot in spirit. From me are wishes whispered upon the rising sun of the East: a wish to live, to rise with ease, to smell coffee, and gloriously bathe in nature’s herbal infusion.



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