Fleurs et Muses

Tres Marias
by Alfred Galvez
24 × 24 inches | Acrylic on canvas

Frangipani (Temple flowers) or Kalachuchi flowers adorn Alfred Galvez’s Tres Marias. The ethereal mood these flowers bring to this Filipinoiserie Botanicals piece balances the rigidity of symmetrical lines and patterns. It is a marriage of structure and ornament akin to the ornamental style that is Art Nouveau, which is a vital style in the applied arts. Three women clad in 19th-century Filipiniana are rendered in reddish-brown color, resembling the sepia tone associated with monochrome photographs of that era. The three women stand by an ornate grille that is more often used for protection, ventilation, or discreet observation.

The role of the artist is to observe. — Alfred Galvez

Alfred Galvez’s body of work is about fusion on top of another. His themes, genres, and techniques flow in their organic course. Layer upon layer, the aesthetics are achieved. But more than this, the aim to play with what is available from history, knowledge, and medium is paramount. These too, as applied layer upon layer in the consciousness, fuses modernity and nostalgia together. Blended is the past in the present with elements that are timeless—the epitome of beauty for many of us. I doubt that the artist’s works are purely made for the eyes, however, for there is depth in these layers where the soul catches on.

Alfred Galvez is a storyteller.