Lifeline For The Blues

Lifeline for the Blues features artists LORENZO GABUTINA and MAHARLINA GOROSPE-LOCKIE. The lines and the blues that emulate Nature in their art—the metaphor for currents and seas, awaken the rivers that also mightily run within ourselves.

Part 2

b. 1969

.Roasted Coral Compote Topped With Whipped Cream
by Maharlina Gorospe-Lockie
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Roasted Coral Compote Topped With Whipped Cream is an entry
to the Queensland Regional Art Awards 2020 in Australia

ABOUT THE ARTIST. Philippine-born and Australia-based, Maharlina (Mahar) Gorospe-Lockie is very much at home in the rainforest and on the coast. She was a Visual Arts major at the prestigious Philippine High School for the Arts before proceeding to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology in the Philippines and, on a Fulbright Scholarship, a Master’s degree in Marine Affairs in the US.

Prior to Mahar’s move to Australia in 2003, her decade long research work in coastal zone management in the Philippines gave her the opportunity to explore human relationships with natural environments, particularly among impoverished fishing communities reliant on mangroves and coral reefs for food and income. When Mahar and her family moved to Cairns in 2013, she re-focused her artistic practice on themes that had dominated her research career. With strong emotional ties to the tropics, the lush and briny Far North became the artist’s muse for depicting the fragile beauty of coastal environments.

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