Lifeline For The Blues

Visiting the children’s grandparents, aunt, and uncle on the Gold Coast comes with lots of perks; one being the Currumbin Creek/Beree-Badalla Reserve. — Maharlina Gorospe-Lockie

© Maharlina Gorospe-Lockie

Summer at Grandma’s #1
Acrylic and paper on canvas
122 cm x 61 cm

Mahar is a regular participant in group exhibitions and competitions, including Cairns Art Society’s Artists of the North, the Blunt Edge of Portraiture, Flying Arts Alliance’s Queensland Regional Art Awards and The Morris Art Prize. She won the Best Mixed Media Award at the 2019 Artists of the North for her work Summer at Grandma’s #2. Her work was recently shown in NorthSite Contemporary Arts’ online group exhibition Novel Anthropocene-19. She is currently preparing for another group show at the Cairns Art Gallery.

Another work of Mahar, She Dreams of Sanguin Hopes, is featured at brownpot.mnl on Instragram.

ABOUT CAIRNS. Cairns (est. 1876) is defined as a city that meets the forest. A region in the county of Nares of Australia, Carns is renowned as the gateway to two of the world’s greatest natural attractions: the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef in the world measuring 2011 km in length and 72 km across at its widest point making it the world’s largest World Heritage Areas.

22 Minutes

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