Lifeline For The Blues

Lorenzo Gabutina is a self-taught artist. At age 70, he continues to create art. He started to sell in art bazaars way back in 2013 and describes himself as a “late bloomer” in the art scene. Thus, making waves among the young and the restless few. His body of work exudes play that is likened to a colorful Neptunian fest of a ballsy sea: raw, delicate, biting, and infinite.

The big blue, it is.

Featured Works. Topmost art: Hieroglyphs. Top left: Dated 2020, created at the start of the pandemic. Top right: Dated 2013. Both works are untitled. Genre: New Media. See more works of Lorenzo Gabutina and information on Hieroglyphs on brownpot.mnl on Instagram.

22 Minutes

Ocean Song | Beautiful Rain by Alexa Sunshine Rose
The Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene
III from the Cadence Collective
Mr Blue Sky by Mayer Hawthorne

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