Palaspas: Palm Leaf Art

An Appreciation of Palm Leaf Art
in the Philippines


PALASPAS: An Appreciation of Palm Art in the Philippines
Author: Elmer Nocheseda
Book Design: Karl Castro
Publisher: Ateneo University Press
Book dimensions: 7.45 x 9 in
Year: 2009

The PALASPAS: An Appreciation of Palm Leaf Art in the Philippines is a first of its kind book on palm art in the Philippines. This book opens the door to a past that predates the rule of Spain in the archipelago, wherein the use of palms in the rituals of the indigenous tribes, provide perspective on how deeply-rooted palm art is in the Filipino consciousness. Nocheseda’s documentation of palm art in the Philippines produced close to Eighty palm art objects curated for this publication. This collection is, by itself, a feast. It is something expected, however, out of an art form that manifested in the many layers of everyday life, from past to present: in prayer, tradition, recreation, and livelihood.

Elmer Nocheseda is an independent scholar on Philippine indigenous art and culture. He obtained his degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University and he holds a Master of Social Policy and Management Science from the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, Japan. He is also the author of RARA: the Art and Tradition of Mat Weaving in the Philippines (Philippine Textile Council, 2016).

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