The Glass Bar


There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.
— Pablo Picasso

By Marleena Litton

tgb-jundio-salvadorNOT JUST a bar, but a new home even for quite a bit. The Glass Bar Antipolo is relatively new in the community given that it has just opened its doors to the public in August 2016. The compound where The Glass Bar quaintly yet colorfully sits by the Crescent Moon Café, however, has been a place of nurture and nature for years. It is not so surprising that The Glass Bar is born; just like how an offspring came to the world, the cycle continues. Nature for nature, it is a birthing that is indeed joyous despite the temporary aches that comes with it.

Majalya Fernando who operates The Glass Bar is daughter to Lanelle Abueva and Bay Fernando whose spirits are very much attuned to the arts and the art of living. Discoveries born of travel and passion for creativity are heard well in Crescent Moon Antipolo, and now, heard even louder with the new art-and-crafts space for teachers, the tinkering souls, and a many enthusiasts.


The Glass Bar’s Nasi Goreng and Mountain Monkey smoothie—a sumptuous blend

of banana, fresh coconut milk, and raw cacao, topped with cacao nibs.
Ooo la la, break that fast!

A mix of the rustic and modern, Crescent Moon Café and The Glass Bar present visitors an ample choice worthy of a trip to the hilly towns of Antipolo. A good excursion it is for the young minds to explore and for those seeking a brief respite with friends or family over lunch and socials that is far from the busy atmosphere of malls. One simply cannot resist the gift of trees and Koi ponds here. That alone, is a treat to the weary, overworked self.

It was far from fair-weather weekend that I had my recent visit to Crescent Moon Café and The Glass Bar. It resembled that of a roadtrip under this deluge. Torrents of rain didn’t stop me and my family, however. Had it not for this weather, I wouldn’t have been reminded how a cup of soup is comforting to the chillin’ soul. Add this to the buffet of Southeast Asian-inspired cuisine which Bay Fernando was known for—it gave me dreamy scenes of the old days of this familiar comfort which traditions held dear. It is a place like home where recipes never die.

It is home. And typical of any, something is brewing and giving birth, as always.

The Glass Bar
The Bar & Art Space in Crescent Moon


The Glass Bar Art and Crafts Space: a bohemian’s lair and stop plus
more for the creative and free spirit. The glass panes appear to tell us to
look in and out, and leave everything else to imagination.


The Glass Bar and art space in Crescent Moon has launched its I Made It hands-on workshop series which offered activities in pottery to calligraphy and bicycle mechanics. This October, which is popular for being beer month, The Glass Bar extends opportunities to the public to learn beer homebrewing. And Antipolo, being a hot destination for siklistas (cyclists), makes TGB’s Bikes & Brews interesting. What’s new for Octoberfest? TGB’s Oktoberfiesta is far from your usual beer-drinking spree with pals. Have a date, and make it special and memorable here!



Wine Glass & Cheese Plate Painting

October 1 (Saturday) from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Decorate your own wine glasses and cheese plates made from repurposed wine bottles. Even better, you can work on your masterpieces while sipping wine
and nibbling on cheese.

October 7, 8 and 9 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Pre-fixe Latin American-inspired brunch. No recipe shortcuts. Just delicious, slow-cooked dishes and specialty drinks made from scratch. Strictly by reservation only.

Intro to Beer Home Brewing
October 15 (Saturday) from 1.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Curious about how beer is made? Ever wanted to try making some at home? This workshop will cover an intro to primary ingredients, use of equipment, the brewing process, and post-brewing tips such as cleaning, sanitizing, and storage.

Bikes & Brews
October 22 (Saturday) from 8 a.m. onwards

Start your morning with brewed coffee. Go on a group ride. End your afternoon with a perfect post-ride brew: a bottle of craft beer. Learn more about the beer brewing process from a local Antipolo homebrewer and sample some brews.

Planning a weekend stay? might help!


Photos courtesy of Crescent Moon Cafe and The Glass Bar Antipolo.
Top left photo by Jundio Salvador