How Kabunian Created People

Reading is our doorway to knowledge, places and cultures. The most valuable thing a book offers is the encouragement for a child to imagine.

By Marleena Litton


ANG PAGLIKHA NI KABUNIAN SA MGA TAO (How Kabunian Created People) by Rafaelita Valera tells of how Kabunian, god of the Ifugao people, created the first people of three distinct colors. It was said that with mud, Kabunian began to create until nightfall. And as the dark, mysterious color of night enveloped the clay on Kabunian’s palms, the first of the dark-skinned people came into being. It was only the beginning, for the following day, Kabunian eagerly continued his work. At Mt. Pulog (or Pulag), mud was again rolled and shaped, bringing to life the forefathers of the first people.




How Kabunian Created People is among the myths re-told
by Rafaelita Valera in Noong Unang Panahon, a children’s storybook with
colorful illustrations by Ghani Madueno whose works were then turned into animated storyboards for the Ollybolly Online Picture Book by the Daum Foundation.

Noong Unang Panahon is written in both English and Filipino.
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